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Warmest thanks to Donna Lambert for kindly sharing this video with us of her previously stubbornly bottle-refusing exclusively breastfed baby daughter taking milk from a bottle for the very first time. Donna's daughter was 18 weeks old, when, after unsuccessfully trying many other baby bottle brands, she finally had a eureka moment with mimijumi.
Just a quick note to say I saw the bottles on a UK documentary being used and thought the design was great. I had only tried 2 other bottles before but there was little difference in my opinion and my son hated both. The feel and look of the mimijumi is great and mimicks the breast as much possible. It took a few attempts but my son after nearly 4 months of ebf now takes the bottle every day at the same time as part of his routine. I feel like I can now relax and my husband can feed him and I can return to work in the next few months. Thank you!! Will be recommending.
— Ruth Harper - Email April 2018
It worked for my baby after a couple of days of persisting. And he was fully breast fed for 8 months at the time! x
— Lauren Hayward - Facebook April 2018
Got one for my granddaughter it’s the best!
— Sandra Hurley - Facebook April 2018
Just wanted to say thank you so much!! My daughter is 7 months old & ebf. I am returning to work in 6 weeks & over the past couple of months we have battled with her to take a bottle, but she refused every type we gave her. I by chance saw the Mimijumi bottle being used by someone in a TV documentary and searched google till I found it! It was your money back guarantee that sealed the deal, but I won’t be needing it as today she took your bottle straight away! I can finally feel happy about leaving my baby knowing she can be comforted with bottle. Amazing!!
— Rebecca Price - Facebook March 2018
I just wanted to thank mimijumi again for the Bottle! Yesterday, with anticipation I expressed some milk and my husband offered the bottle to Sybil....she took to it straight away! Just a small amount and again today I was able to give her some more 😊
— Tabitha MacCurrach-Paine - March 2018
These bottles are amazing!! I only bought two as they are a bit expensive but well worth it.
— Yasmina Sumpton - Facebook February 2018
We used these for Grayson and they were amazing! They were the only bottle he would accept as a breastfed baby! Tried many many others but as soon as he saw the nipple for this bottle he wanted it! It was a huge relief! Thank you for making it!
— Katie G
My granddaughter was so fussy with bottles she was exclusively breastfed and wouldn’t take any bottle or soother. As a last resort I purchased a Mimijumi bottle and she took it straight away. Thank you from a stress relieved Grandma.
— Linda W - Via Email (6 May 2017)
I had breast fed my son for nearly 7 months exclusively - he has severe egg and dairy allergy and recently diagnosed with FPIES. I was exhausted and needed to introduce neocate formula (special amino acid milk free) every bottle and cup I tried he simply wouldn’t touch - he would scream and get very distressed and when it was in his mouth he would just bite and not grasp how to suck. Our mimijumi bottle arrived yesterday morning - it’s didn’t happen straight away - first time I tried he got very distressed again. I tried a couple of hours later with expressed breast milk first time of trying he would just hold the bottle and put teat in his mouth. Half an hour later he started sucking, not really taking much, an hour later dad tried and hoorah .. he sucked and emptied the 5oz of expressed milk in the bottle (it was easier with expressed milk as you can keep expressed breast milk at room temp for up to 6 hours. He later had more expressed breast milk happily in the bottle and to our surprise in the middle of the night he took his special formula through the bottle. Thank you so very much you really have changed our life.
— Katie Gregory - Via Facebook Message (4 Feb 2017)
This bottle changed our life !!!!
— Yaunna Stewart (via Facebook)
Our mimjumi bottle was the fourth one we tried, our daughter having rejected everything else. I was desperate to get her back onto a bottle, to give my wife some relief, so was elated when our daughter took to the mimijumi bottle. We haven’t looked back since, and it’s the only bottle she’ll take now. Thank you!
— Stewart P - 20 October 2016
I love these bottles. This is my second order and the only ones that worked first time for me! Thank you!
— Rajvi G - 9 October 2016
The bottles arrived and they are brilliant. Myles hates regular bottles but drank his milk happily from mimijumi bottles, thus allowing Daddy to feed him.

All in all a fantastic result and I can’t recommend the product enough.
— Charmaine C - 28 September 2016
My baby had refused all bottles since the age of 6 weeks. I bought this one as a last attempt thinking at least I’ll get my money back. To my surprise she accepted it straight away. Thank you mimijumi.
— Jessica Ryan (via Facebook) - 16 December 2016
We’ve been trying with several kinds of bottles to give him water, but the baby wouldn’t drink from any of them! It’s the only bottle my baby has accepted at 10 months old! It is great!!!! <3
— Eleftheria Papadopoulou (via Facebook) - 12 December 2016
Received this bottle in the post this week. After months of trying with various different bottles with no success, my daughter took this bottle straight away without any fuss or tears. So happy with this product. Worth every penny!!
— Helen M - 10 September 2016
Have tried the small bottle with great success. The only bottle my breastfed baby will take.
— Jacqueline W - 19 September 2016
I have these, love them, I got the starter pack for £60.
— Kellie-Marie C - 20 February 2016
Fabulous service once again. Thank you.
— Hannah S - 7 December 2015
Love your bottle!!!
— Kim C - 13 March 2016
These are fab if ur thinking of introducing a bottle too.
— Laura O - 20 February 2016
All I have is praise for this bottle !
I tried every brand you can think of for 8 months and after a few tries with this she took her first feed and off she came straight away !!! Xx
— Victoria H - 1 July 2016
As a godfather, one of my fondest memories of my eldest godson was my first day of babysitting. I don’t think this experience would have been anywhere as pleasant if it hadn’t been for his mimijumi bottle - which he seemed to just love. Based upon his love of the bottle, I’ve since given one to my boss who recently had her first child. From what I gather, she’s been using this exclusively since she’s returned to work and her stay-at-home husband minds their child. I can’t wait to introduce mimijumi to still other new parents.
— Rodney C - 4 July 2016
The design and shape is fantastic and I found my baby took to using it very easily and the transition from breast to bottle was seamless.
— Carrie O - 26 April 2016
This is the only bottle my five-month old will take, and believe me we have tried many!
— Alycia R - 15 March 2016
This bottle solved our issues. Think we’d spent around £200 on bottles trying to find one our son would take. Worked first time.
— robbo902 - 26 April 2013
I’ve got this bottle and really recommend it if you breastfeed and need a break.
— Helen D - 27 March 2016
Our baby just wouldn’t take a bottle, very picky! After we’d spent lots of money on loads of bottles, we discovered the mimijumi baby bottles at The Baby Show in London in Feb. The bottles were pretty expensive I guess but I just thought we should give it a go...last chance kind of thing! We tried it the same night and filled a 4oz bottle and my 6 month DS took to it straight away! I was gobsmacked! Give it a go if you’re struggling.
— fenzy84 - 25 April 2013
My little girl was born at 35+5 and we initially used expressed breast milk via a bottle and then moved onto breastfeeding but it took 4 weeks to establish (it felt like a lifetime).

We used mimijumi bottles as they were similar to breasts (skin colour and require for the baby to really suck to get the milk).

I am delighted we persevered as she now happily takes expressed breast milk from the mimijumi bottles or feeds from me.
— artisanroast - 14 December 2015
Just bought one of these for my daughter’s new baby. Couldn’t get him to feed out of any other. Tried this, SUCCESS!
— Christine W.
My little boy took a bottle from 5-10 weeks no problem then just refused. No explanation, just stopped. I tried yoomi, medula, avent and then came across a bottle in the States called Mimijumi. They’ve just started selling them over here now which will be great for this baby too. I’ll still bf but at least OH can do a night feed or I can get out for a break.
— Ash10691 - 14 January 2013
Only thing my 9 month old would entertain apart from me. Lol Fabulous!
— Natalie Kildare-Martello – 18 August 2015
My partner was going back to work so we needed our son to take a bottle. He fussed for every bottle for 3 months. We spent around £200 trying to find one he would take. We were getting desperate and running out of time. My son also spotted the bottle and refused it even without trying.

Someone told my partner to try the mimijumi baby bottle. It looks like a boob (nipple colour) and feels similar to a boob (nipple texture they have used), baby also has to latch on in the same way they do when breastfeeding so it’s an easy transition for baby.

It was only available in USA so cost a fortune but it worked.
— Roo K - 13 October 2013
This bottle has been a life saver! My daughter was breastfed and developed an allergy to my milk. She’s now on a special formula and was refusing a bottle. My aunt bought me one and success!! I need to order more.
— Kendra K
Thank you so much for creating such a brilliant product, I will be recommending you to all of my friends with bottle refusing babies!
— Helen P.
The Mimijumi is designed to feed your baby similar to the way the breast does. The “dome” and “nipple” are shaped for effective latching, and like breastfeeding, the milk flow is regulated by your baby’s sucking action. The baby stretches and flattens the nipple of the bottle in much the same way as it does on a real nipple, thus reducing nipple confusion. It isn’t designed to replace breastfeeding but to complement your breastfeeding programme ... So if you are struggling with breastfeeding or just want a solution for when putting your baby to the breast isn’t an option choose Mimijumi - the next best thing.
— Mandy, Midwife
I used them for my son who refused every bottle. So happy they sell them in the UK now.
— Jennifer V.
Your bottles are amazing. I only have the one as only use it to give my little girl expressed breast milk but I love it. I’ve recommended your bottles to all my friends and my support group as it’s the only bottle I’ve found that she likes and it’s so much like a breast.
— Sam T.
These bottles are brilliant. My 3 month old daughter would not take anything but the breast and I had tried 3 different bottles prior to this all of which she refused and resulted in me wasting my milk down the drain. These bottles were a last resort and she took to them immediately. No fussing whatsoever. As a breastfeeding mum with a fussy baby I highly recommend these bottles!
— Liana Wainman – 18 June 2015
This was an absolute god send. Only thing Ayla has taken except from breast!
— Rachel Gray – 16 July 2015
Highly recommend this. My lb refused everything I tried all sorts and he only wanted mummy but then as soon as I gave him this bottle he took to it immediately. And now takes all different bottles too all in the space of a week finally glad to have that separation. I was going insane with a clingy baby so now he has stayed out at grandads. Best buy ever.
— Rosie Buckby – 23 June 2015
Love these!!! Made going from breast to bottle a lot lot easier for my girl at 14 months old.
— Rebecca Geldart – 3 July 2015
He took it straight away! So pleased! I think he thought it was my nipple;0 because of the colour! So happy as tried everything!
Thank you so much!
— Caroline van Loon – 1 December 2015
I recently purchased one of your 8oz bottles to try and introduce bottles to my 8 month old exclusively breastfed son after many failed attempts with a variety of other brands and bottles. My son finally began to feed from your amazing bottle and I was so very pleased. This bottle has given me so much freedom and I just want to thank you all at mimijumi for making my life a little bit easier! Thank you again, you guys at mimijumi are amazing!
— Jade Roberts – June 2015
Fab bottle for a breastfed baby!! My little girl took milk from this when I was away with no problems!
— Hannah Mitchell – 25 October 2015


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