5 New Year's Resolutions for Parents

By Kelly

Every time we ring in the new year, people everywhere make resolutions. Some say resolutions are made to be broken. They last for about a week and then are forgotten about as we go back to our regular lifestyle. This year, we have come up with 5 resolutions parents should make... and stick to! Pick one, or all 5 and have a happier new year... fair warning though, none of them are easy!

1.    I will not feel guilty about my decisions. Mummy wars are a mean and nasty thing - they make it so that decisions we are already a little insecure about eat away at us. Mums can start feeling like the decision they've made is the absolute worst and she may begin to wonder exactly what was going through her head when she made that choice. Don't. We are all making mistakes as parents. What's important is that you made the best decision you could at the time you made it. If you get more information that makes you feel like it wasn't the best choice, change things up and move on! But don't waste time beating yourself up and feeling guilty about the decision you originally made.

2.    I will not yell. Parenting can be frustrating, but it's important to help your children learn how to properly handle their emotions. Getting frustrated and raising your voice to yell only teaches them to yell back at you when they are frustrated or upset. This might be one of the hardest resolutions as it truly is difficult to control our emotions. For tips and support, check out The Orange Rhino Challenge.

3.    I will enjoy every moment. Even the bad ones. Changing nappies stinks (literally!), but before you know it your little baby will be walking out your front door with the keys to the car and you'll miss the days they depended on you for everything. Parenting isn't always fun, but enjoy it because all too soon this stage (whatever stage it may be) will be over.

4.    I will make memories. Do something fun. Spend time as a family, smile, laugh, and just enjoy life with your kids. Sometimes even a situation that wasn't quite what you had hoped for can turn into a fantastic memory. Make memories, be happy, and just enjoy your child's childhood.

5.    I will not engage in drama. As we mentioned in our first resolution, Mummy wars are happening and they are MEAN and NASTY! The only way to make them stop is to stop engaging in and perpetuating them. Stay out of the drama and just be respectful of other parents. Even if you don't agree with the decision other parents have made, acknowledge that it's their decision to make and they (just like you) are doing the best they can with the information and circumstances they have access to.

What other resolutions (parenting related or not) are you making this year?