about mimijumi UK

mimijumi is a design driven company that specialises in simple, safe and natural products for the modern family. Through the design and production of infant care essentials, mimijumi products are made for both baby and parent to create the most natural experience possible.

This design is based on the psychological dynamics of feeding/soothing items as transitional objects. The benefits of breastfeeding are well known, but breastfeeding is not always practical in today's society. Created with input from designers, mothers, nurses, physicians, and lactation experts, mimijumi's first product the Very Hungry bottle was conceived as a natural, modern and stylish complement to breastfeeding.

Here you can find out who we are, what gets us out of bed in the morning, how we make our products and what we are excited about.


mimijumi specialises in the design and production of infant care products. mimijumi was founded in January 2008 by two psychiatrists and an industrial designer with the goal of creating new products that will revolutionise the parenting process.

Every detail on a mimijumi product is considered and crafted with high attention to detail resulting in the best quality possible. This thinking and the craftsmanship required to create our products are part of the mimijumi DNA that includes the design and engineering process, all printed collateral, manufacturing of the tools all the way to the final product on the shelf.

mimijumi takes the consideration and craft of analog design processes and translates these into the digital world. By that, mimijumi creates its very own visual appearance that looks shockingly quiet yet refined. All this effort is spent to attract customers that are willing to see more than a couple coloured surfaces, customers that won't believe the common flattened, low resolution design standard available on the market. Instead, these customers will understand the quality and craft of the purchased product.




Our logo mark identifies us in the world, and reflects the goals and spirit of our brand. It is both a symbol and logo mark reflecting the joyful and emotional experience of parenthood. 

The dots of the i’s seem to jump happily over the mark which adds a humorous flavour. The soft typeface reflects human friendliness while the merged letters play up the notion of refinement that creates a recognisable look.

Happy drop

Happy drop

The Happy Drop and Stork were designed by Dan Stiles, a Portland-based artist known for his rock posters for recording artists like Sigur Ros, Feist and many more.

The Happy Drop and Stork act as standalone items that enhance the brand message and tone. The two elements are the first of a set of characters that allow for some fun and scope to play around with.



Patterns in print or moulded into the product are only some of the creative options these two characters can be used for.

Currently, Happy Drop and Stork are used on postcards, packaging and in brand campaigns.


Every detail on a mimijumi product is considered and crafted with high attention to detail. This thinking and the craftsmanship required to create our products are part of the mimijumi DNA -- from the design and engineering process to the manufacturing of all the tools.

At mimijumi we are dedicated to your baby's health and well-being. All mimijumi bottles are BPA and latex-free, and exceed EU standards on safety. In our continued effort to produce the safest baby bottles in the world, we are now producing our baby bottles in one of the cleanest facilities in the world. As of 2011, all production has been moved to a European facility known for their best practices and clean production standards.



Dr. Frank Drummond, Dr. Bill Colomb, Lukas Scherrer - Founders

Dr. Frank Drummond is a qualified doctor and serial entrepreneur with a young family of his own. He saw the problem that some babies have in transitioning from breast to bottle feeding and brought together a team to tackle the problem. He was joined by Dr. BILL COLOMB (Dr. Bill as we call him) who he had known since medical school, and who brought extensive clinical experience with children and as a family therapist.

Together with world renowned product designer LUKAS SCHERRER, they set about inventing the mimijumi bottle.

Ashley King - Founder & Mum

My baby son Riley would not take a bottle between breast feeds, which meant I was unable to ask for any practical help with feeding which was becoming a problem as husband Rob and Riley’s grandparents were unable to help at feeding time. Since the first day we used the bottle my son has never refused it. We quickly organised a catch up with friends and Riley spend a few hours with his grandparents. Mission accomplished!

A month or so later (still impressed with the mimijumi bottle) I got to thinking about how it could help other people in a similar situation to us. Surprisingly, we came across lots of families suffering the same problem as we had, but I kept coming back to the issue of it only being available in the US and being very expensive to get delivered to the UK.

I knew my father–in–law, Mike, was often in the States on business so I asked if he could meet Dr Frank when he was next over there on business.

Mike came back from his trip and told me we could now sell the bottle in the UK and everything grew from there. It’s great to see so many happy mums, dads and satisfied babies here now as well!

Mike Kendrick - Chairman

Mike, a proud grandpa, has a passion for helping people and has a number of foundations which focus on the plight of landmine victims in Africa in particular.

“I was delighted when daughter-in-law Ashley and my son Robert asked me to get involved with bringing mimijumi to the UK”, says Mike.

Even beyond families here in this country, Mike sees the mimijumi bottle helping premature and orphaned babies across the world.

Mike has the entrepreneurial spirit ingrained in him and was business partner with Richard Branson for many years being involved in launching Virgin businesses and many other brands over a long and successful career which started in PR.

“My wife Anne and I have three children and six grand children now and I wish we had had mimijumi bottles when they were all growing up. But at least we found them in time for Riley and his little sister Maddie”.

Mark Dorey - Commercial Director

Mimijumi UK is growing under the watchful eye of Mark Dorey, an internationally experienced Commercial Director who has helped many entrepreneurial businesses develop and thrive.

Mark has worked with major global brands including Pepsi, Virgin where he established companies in countries all over the world, and formed a business partnership with Mike that has lasted over twenty years.

Proud father of Lewis, Mark understands how important it is that kids get a great start in life. They grow up really quickly!