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Designers, Mothers, Nurses, Physicians, and Lactation Experts have come together to create the perfect bottle. 


Easy to open, easy to clean, easy to fill with a wide mouth opening and screw down one- piece nipple. With natural colours, textures and forms, the mimijumi baby bottle closely mimics the breastfeeding experience, providing the perfect companion to breastfeeding and the best possible transition to bottle feeding. 

mimijumi bottles eliminate bottle rejection, bottle preference and nipple confusion, so they help mums to feed their babies how and when they choose.

With mimijumi mums can:

  • choose when, and for how long, they will breastfeed;
  • return to work and continue breastfeeding at night, and;
  • give their child a feeding and development experience that mimics breastfeeding.





parents love mimijumi

Received this bottle in the post this week. After months of trying with various different bottles with no success, my daughter took this bottle straight away without any fuss or tears. So happy with this product. Worth every penny!!
— Helen M
This bottle has been a life saver! My daughter was breastfed and developed an allergy to my milk. She’s now on a special formula and was refusing a bottle. My aunt bought me one and success!! I need to order more.
— Kendra K.
Thank you so much for creating such a brilliant product, I will be recommending you to all of my friends with bottle refusing babies!
— Helen P.
Your bottles are amazing. I only have the one as only use it to give my little girl expressed breast milk but I love it. I’ve recommended your bottles to all my friends and my support group as it’s the only bottle I’ve found that she likes and it’s so much like a breast.

— Sam T.
Just bought one of these for my daughter’s new baby. Couldn’t get him to feed out of any other. Tried this, SUCCESS!
— Christine W.
This is the only bottle my five-month old will take, and believe me we have tried many!
— Alycia R.

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